What is SLT Token?

SLT Token is an Ethereum based (ERC20) token. SLT has created a trading platform that is focused on the needs of its users before anyone else. The platform focuses on revolutionizing transaction speeds and achieving instantaneous execution by making use of blockchain processing instead of centralized processing....

What is the difference between SLToken and other tokens?

The overall aim of SLT is to create a fast, simple, safe and clearly defined platform that everyone can understand without hidden intentions and costs.

How can I participate to the ICO?

Our ICO consists of a pre-sale stage and two main stages of token sale. By investing in the Initial Coin Offer period, you will receive 10% BONUS on your purchased amount. The date and time of each stage will be announced on our website.

Is there any limit on the maximum amount of tokens per user?

No. Each member can buy an unlimited number of tokens in ICO stage but we set an adequate limit of tokens that can be bought in every round of sale.

What can SLT do?

Like any other cryptocurrencies (Bitcoin, Ethereum), SLT is a digital asset that can be staked, peer to peer transferred or traded in major coins trading platform.

Can I earn SLT if I invite other people to join?

Yes, you can earn SLT just by sharing your referral link. Our referral reward system is set up on one level. You will earn 5% from each purchase made from your referral.

What is SLT action plan?

1. Adding SLT on other exchanges 2. Digital asset Exchanger ( multi-cryptocurrency exchange) 3. Wallet exchanger 4. Debit Card and adding other cards that will allow buying and withdrawals 5. Mobile app available for iOS and Android

I am experiencing a technical issue. How can I contact the support?

Our team is very glad to assist you with our dedicated technical support platform. You can open a ticket in our system indicating your issue.

Will SLT be listed on exchanger?

Yes, it will be as soon as possible.