Take part in SLT's contest and win 20 000 SL!


Read the rules and register on CoinDeal and SLTpos in order to be able to participate.


After the ICO is ended, SLT has been listed on the exchanger for the first time (August/24/2018 ), and that is what we want to celebrate with all our members.


In order to do that, we have planned to open up a contest for all our members to be able to win 20 000 SLT


Here is what you need to do in order to be able to participate and win 20 000 SL contest:


1.) You need to register at and


2.) You need to follow SLT on our social networks Twitter and Telegram (optional, not required ) which will allow you to keep up all updates and news regarding SLT


3.) Third and the most important requirement is to buy at least 50 SL on coindeal exchange, and transfer them to your sltpos wallet.


In that way, you will be a legal participant in our contest and you will get the chance to win SL.


Winners will be randomly selected, and the results will be published.


With SLT, everybody wins, each one of you, who follows the rules, and invest, will be awarded with 5% weekly interest as long as you hold your SL on your sltpos wallet.


We have decided to share the amount of 20 000 SL between 5 randomly selected contestants like it follows:


1st place – 10 000 SL

2nd place – 5 000 SL

3rd place – 3 000 SL

4th place – 1 500 SL

5th place - 500 SL


Be a part of a winning SLT team! Good luck to all of our users and members!


Contest starts September 7/2018 and ends on October 7/2018