SLToken Details



Minimum Buy

Minimum amount of SLToken
that can be bought is 5.


Referral Reward

10% Bonus from each purchase made from your referral


Accepted Currency

Accepted currency BTC, ETH.

ICO SLT Details We set an adequate limit of tokens that can be bought in every round of sale.

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    PRE ICO $0.10 per SLT Limited to the next 1 Million tokens .

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    ROUND 1 $0.30 per SLT Limited to the next 3 Million tokens.

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    ROUND 2 $0.5 per SLT Limited to the next 5 Million tokens.








Completion of platform conceptualization and ideation processes, followed by the commencement of preliminary development, design and integration work.



Pre-ICO begins: At this stage, investors will be able to buy SLT tokens at a special price of $0.10, which gives them a first-mover advantage over later investors during the ICO. ICO commences: The ICO will hold in two stages, giving investors the opportunity to purchase SLT tokens at $0.30 and $0.50 respectively, following a price-rise caused by the pre-ICO demand.


March - June

Round 2: At this stage, investors will be able to buy SLT tokens at a special price of $0.50
ICO ends: Investors will no longer be able to purchase SLT tokens directly from the ICO platform, but the tokens may be available from third party platforms like cryptocurrency exchanges.


(May - June)

Adding SLT on other exchanges

Digital asset Exchanger

( multi-cryptocurrency exchange)

Listing on CoinMarketCap



Development and integration of Digital asset Exchanger ( multi-cryptocurrency exchange) and Wallet exchanger, develop breakthrough blockchain technologies
Launch of mobile app for iOS and Android.




The full SLT platform will be launched offering the complete range of proposed functionalities after a year of development and integration. Later that year, the SLT card will also be launched, giving users extra flexibility across various fiat and cryptocurrency exchange mediums.

Our Papers Details



What is SLT Token?

SLT Token is an Ethereum based (ERC20) token. SLT has created a trading platform that is focused on the needs of its users before anyone else. The platform focuses on revolutionizing transaction speeds and achieving instantaneous execution by making use of blockchain processing instead of centralized processing....

What is the difference between SLToken and other tokens?

The overall aim of SLT is to create a fast, simple, safe and clearly defined platform that everyone can understand without hidden intentions and costs.

How can I participate to the ICO?

Our ICO consists of a pre-sale stage and two main stages of token sale. By investing in the Initial Coin Offer period, you will receive 10% BONUS on your purchased amount. The date and time of each stage will be announced on our website.


We are moving on the next stage!!!


Our members will be the first one to see new website for our future exchanger.

Everything is going as we planned and as it was announced in SLT White paper.

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